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TinyMUX 2.10 - Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I play one of these games?

There are many games available each with a wide variety of themes and sizes. Fortunately, some of these games are primarily dedicated to tracking and advertising other games. Gateway MUSH and MudConnector are good starting places. For usage and popularity statistics by server and genre, look at MudStats.

Do I have to use the SGP minimal database?

No. The SGP minimal database is kept in netmux.db, but you don't need to use it. If no database is found (because you removed or renamed netmux.db), the server will create one itself with two objects (Limbo and Wizard) – a truely minimal database. So, just delete the SGP database (netmux.db) before starting your server for the first time.

Do I need the Cygnus Tools to emulate a UNIX environment on Windows?

TinyMUX is written to run natively on Windows without requiring either Cygwin or any other UNIX compatibility layer. Pre-built binaries for Windows are provided. However, it is also possible to take the UNIX distribution of TinyMUX and compile those under Cygwin. Both work. Just pay careful attention which of the three distributions you download (sources for UNIX/OSX, sources for Windows, or pre-built binaries for Windows).

Are there any issues with Macintosh OS X?

Yes, and no. Alierak reports that the ‘-E’ option in gcc on OS X is broken. If you skip the ‘make depend’ step in the instructions, you’ll be fine. There is no GUI component to TinyMUX, so it sees OS X as just another flavor of FreeBSD.

What is a JAR file and how do I unzip this thing?

The distribution is a compressed JAR archive (not to be confused with Java’s J ARchive), so if you don’t have JAR lying around, you'll need to get it from http://www.arjsoftware.com/jar.htm. At the bottom of their home page is a link to JAR, at the bottom of the JAR page is a link to download it. There isn’t an URL that goes straight to it.

What do I do with these patches?

The patches are done with BinPatch by Kayhayen (defunct) which I licensed. DoPatch applies the patch and saves old files to a backup directory. These are not the context-aware patches so if you make -any- changes to the source files, the patch may refuse to apply itself.

DoPatch is a 16-bit program, and more recent Windows versions with certain security configuration will no longer run them.

When I try to move my flatfile from a Unix box to a Windows box, and run the db_load script, I get the following error: D:\TinyMUX21\src\db_rw.cpp<254>: Assertion failed.

You have either transferred the flatfile via FTP in ASCII mode, or you've used Winzip to unzip your zipped flatfile. Both of these will cause problems in the CRLF/NL line terminations. Download the flatfile using BINARY. In the case of using Winzip, you'll need to get another unzip utility program or unzip at the Unix box and transfer the unzipped flatfile using BINARY.

Newer flatfiles no longer have this problem, but you may still see it with older version.

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