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Converting between TinyMUSH 3.x, PennMUSH, or RhostMUSH:

The easiest and most complete way to convert between different flatfile formats is to use the Omega Flatfile Converter. It also has the capability to reset the Wizard password, validate that your backups are valid, and extract objects into quotable form.

Converting from Older Versions of TinyMUX

TinyMUX 2.0 has successfully converted TinyMUX 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, TinyMUSH 2.x, U1, TinyMUSH 3.0, and TinyMUX 1.6 BETA for Win32. There is a separately downloaded script for the TinyMUSH 3.0 conversion. For these older formats, it is necessary to first go through TinyMUX 2.0 before attempting to use TinyMUX 2.1 or later.

You should not encounter any problems converting your game using the procedures outlined in INSTALL and CONVERSION, but there are a few required configuration file changes.

It is possible to append the contents of the old file to the new one, then edit files to remove redundancies.

- 'cat oldfile >> newfile'
- Open up your editor and make the needed changes.

You should double check that your mail and com-system databases are named properly in the configuration file and that they are both placed in game/data before you Startmux.

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